window mesh

Mesh Choices

Screen Mesh is the material used to keep the bugs out.

Please take note that Screen Mesh is secured in the Screen Frame by inserting a rubber material (spline) into a “spline groove”.  It is NOT designed to withstand the force of children, or pets pushing against the “Screen Mesh”.  With enough force, the Screen Mesh will tear, or the spline will be pushed out of the spine groove.  In either case, the child, or pet, could fall through, or escape though the screen.

We offer several types of screen mesh:


Is the more “standard” type of screen mesh.

We offer in both charcoal (black) and gray colors

Although charcoal is by far the most popular, you will find that the gray color actually lightens up a room a little more

We offer up to a max width of 60”


Is probably the most mis-understood screen mesh type

Because it is made of Aluminum, the perception is that it is much stronger and more durable.  However, it is our findings that whatever  will create a hole in Fiberglass, will also create a hole in Aluminum.  Additionally, Aluminum is easy to crease.  When it does it becomes permanent

It is more costly than Fiberglass

We offer a max width of 48”

It is available in Charcoal (black) and Silver

Pet Screen

Is designed to be a “Claw Resistant” screen mesh

If you have a cat, or dog, that likes to claw at a particular screen, Pet Screen will significantly increase the life of that screen.

It is by far the most durable of the screens we offer


It will also darken a room, as the yarns used are thicker

Because of this it is a very heavy screen mesh which can sometimes cause stress on the screen frame on larger screens (above 36 x 48)

We offer in Charcoal only and a max width of 48”

Sun Screen

Is designed to limit the amount of sunlight and UV rays that enter the window.

This can help lower your heating and air conditioning bills

There are many different ratings….from 65% blockage up to 90%

There is a trade-off….the higher the blockage, the lesser the visibility

We offer a 70% blockage option, as we have found that people are just not happy with their view above that

We offer in Charcoal only and a max width of 48”


Is designed for those little bugs along waterways that seem to get through the normal screen mesh.

It is a tight weave, which makes the opening smaller

We offer in Charcoal only and a max width of 48”

Enhance View

Is designed to improve the view from looking out of your window

Goes by a wide range of names

Enhance View improves the visibility about 15% to 20% compared to standard Fiberglass mesh.

 Additionally, it lightens up your room

It offers the same bug protection as Fiberglass screen mesh.  It just uses a thinner yarn to accomplish the same result

We offer in Charcoal only and a max width of 48”